Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Praise and thanks god let us submit presence of Allah SWT who has give enjoyment to we all that uninterruptedly. God blessing and greeting hopefully always till to majesty sublime "He take the dark situation to the clear situation". Namely, Prophet Muhammad SAW. Not forget to his friends and his family and hopefully till to us. Amen…
First, I say thanks to invigilator that has give opportunity to me for orated in front of.
All audience
Such as that we know in this modern era, many technologies that growing expand. Like, hand phone, television, internet and much more, that have separate function.
But applying this technology in daily file, often to misuse, especially by adolescents. Like in hand phone and internet, they use it to watch films porn and see dissolute pictures; also it might make deviation social.
In consequence, I urge so that don`t misuse technology, because that inappropriate with our religion that is Islam and use technology as good as possible to fulfill more important need.
Finally, I apologize if any mistake or insuffiency that not have the pleasure to in heart all of you. For its attention I say thank you.

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